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Let’s change attitude to our beloved earth.

Campaign Against Plastic
United Nations 75th anniversary celebration
Human Chain Against Rape
Community campaign demanding climate justice
Charter 4 Change gave honour to Chief Executive as #RealLifeHeroes
Global Strike for Climate Justice
Liflet Distribution on keep Bakkhali river clean
CEHRDF Celebrated World Humanitarian Day
Human chain demanding Moheshkhali bridge
Human chain demanding enbankment in Kutubdia Islsnd
Monisha Coordinator Nasima Akter Pinky gave an interview on rape culture
CEHRDF team inspected broken sea shore due to climate change & ocean current.
Article of Chief Executive published in local newspaper on youth.
Activist distributing river conservation liflet
Youth Stand for climate solution
Strike in front of broken trees due to tidal wave
Director Ruhul Amin gave an interview to Channel I regarding climate change
Activist Abdullah Sayem gave a video message on “No to Drug”
Director Abdul Mannan gave an interview with Channel 24 regarding tidsl charge to sea shore
Monisha Coordinator Nasima Akther Pinky addressed on climatic problem
Climate Strike at longest sea beach
Director Furkan Uddin & Deputy team leader of Cox’s Bazar met with senior citizen regarding local development.
Women participated for the future of next generation
Celebration of International Youth Day
Chief Executive Md.Ilias Miah addressed as a special guest in a discussion meeting arranged by FPAB.
Photosession of participants in Victory Day celebration program.
Sub-Assistant Director Chandan Kanti Dey participated in a training on cylone preparedness
Chief Executive addressed in a anniversary celebration programme arranged by Swapnojatra
Stand for sustainable embankment in Kutubdia
Initiative Coordination Meeting
A mass signature campaign held on protection of rights of Dhalghata peoples
Students of Kurushkul High School in a tree plantation event -2019.
Campaign Against Racism
The Secrtariat meeting held.
Real Life Heroes 2014-19
Advisor Harunur Rashid Mian addressed in Ekushey observation.
Tree & women: a path of ensure participation in global sustainable leadership
Chief Executive Md.Ilias Miah playing with Rohingya Children after an influx in 2017. Kutu Palong Camp
Young & Adolescents stand for afforestation
Dialogue with Journalist Union
Winter Cloth distribution program among the vulnerable women & children.
Activists distributed mask durig Covid-19 pandemic.
Chief Executive participated in a fish free program by BRTN.
Chief Executive congratulated on Daily Himchari’s 12th anniversary
Mask dribution to poor people
Campaigner of the year award giving .
Chief Executive in a high level team meeting on coastal mangrove with Bangladesh Climate Change Trust
The members arranged a tree plantation event.
Boardof Directors meeting held
Chief Executive discussed in a high level forum on coastal protection from disaster.
Participants photosession after crlebrating World Water Day.
Chief Executive attended an anniversary program of Daily Shangu
An inspection team talking about hill tract peoples vulnerability with Local Union Chairman of Shonai Chari.
Director of Project Abdul Alim delivered speech in a discussion meeting.
Chief Executive participated in an Interview with National Geographic Channel regarding impact of climate change in coastal area.
CEHRDF celebrated World Human Rights Day arranged by CSO NGO Coalition for Human Rights in Cox’s Bazar district.
CEHRDF team met with RRRC Mr. Abul Kalam NDC on the occassion of his farewell.
Director(Programme) Ruhul Amin talking with the Vulnerable Kutubdia Island’s people.

CEHRDF team in action as documentary making preperation going on.
Director (Public Relation) Saeed Md Shuvo addressed in a general meeting.
Inspection Director Shah Abu Bakkor visited the biofuel plant
Real Life Heroes
Tree distribution programme in Madrasah students.
CEHRDF chief executive & initiative Chair participated in a prize giving ceremony arranged by Carrear Point.
Forum leaders photosession after a successful Coordination meeting.
#Real #Life #Heroes-2014-19
Photo exhibition of Water Crisis by students of different school of Cox’s Bazar sadar upzilla.
Campaigner of the year award recieved by Chief Executive
A tree plantation held in Jamtoli Rohingya Refugees Camp.
Forum Coordination Meeting held
CEHRDF team talking with BGB authority regarding Rohingya crossing border during influx, 26 August,2017 at Tumbru Border.
CEHRDF Chief Executive attended in a public event on 16 Days Activism on Women by UNFPA, UNWOMEN, GiHa & World Vision.
Climate Action Campaign held at district administration premises demanding fund for Bangladesh.
Monthly Board of Directors meeting held
Media Secretary Mahbubur Rahman moderating a forum consisting meeting at Ramu.
We stood for Safoora
Rally held regarding Safe Road.
An investigation team to investigate a human rights violation case.
Monthly Coordinators Meeting
Campaign for redigging Kohelia River
We stand for Justice & against Gender based Violence
A disciplinary meeting held at Kobita Chattor.
Chief Executive Md.Ilias Miah addressed in a discussion meeting on Human Rights.
National Mourning Day Celebration
Director of International Affairs gave a description on Kohelia River of Moheshkhali
Networking meeting held with local organization
CEHRDF Executive Council arranged a tree plantation program in local school.
Peoples of different ages after Winter Cloth distribution.
Climate Campaign at the World Longest Sea Beach – Cox’s Bazar.
Civil society engagement is a continues process
Special Envoy for the Kashmir Crisis Jihadul Islam addressed in a General Meeting.
CEHRDF’s initiative The Academy Educare arranged a prize giving ceremony on Ekushey Quizz.
CEHRDF team in campaign on Dengue Awareness.
Director of Campaign Furkan Ahmed distributing tree among the students
CEHRDF team in a preperatory meeting.
Enhancing local organization engagement
Moheshkhali Forum arranged a tree plantation event at local School.
CEHRDF Chief Executive met with BRAC Chaiperson Dr. Hussein Zillur Rahman at his office.
Director of Management Mijanur Rahman digging soil as a tree plantation program launched by management branch branch.
Chief Executive addresed at a iftar mahfil.
Climate sign shown by an adolescent demanding climate action.
Winter cloth distribution programme.
CEHRDF team visited heritage site regarding Conservation issue.
CEHRDF team visited Rohingya Camp.
CEHRDF initiative Carrear Point farewell ceremony.
Building communication with journalist
Video message on public demand regarding school infrastructure of coastal area of Moheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar
Bhula District team leader Soheb Chy captured during a tree plantation.
Prime Assistant Sultana Jasmin shared experience how sge faced covid crisis.
An emergency Inspection held as weather in a bad situation at the shore of Bay of Bengal.
Chief Executive addressed at a seminar on democracy by Democracy International.
Photosession after a BoD meeting.
CEHRDF aged programme preparatory meeting
Youth leader in a pair discussion
CDHRDF team visited downtown Cox’s Bazar.
CEHRDF & BFJP jointly arranged a campaign session after annual meeting.
Board of Directors meeting going on.
Tree plantation event by Minority Forum.
Leaders gave message on construction of mass communication path
Campaign for save elephant
Cloth distribution among the Rohingya people.
Handovered a memorandum to Additional Deputy Commissioner for UN Secretary General demanding climate action on behalf of Cox’s Bazar Youth Climate Forum.
Mr. Md.Ilias Miah addressed at World Migration Film Festival arranged by IOM.
A science discussion held at hill top.
Campaign for Kashmir.
The guests visiting art exhibition on water.
CEHRDF team on the path to inspecting border regarding Rohingya influx.
Talking about influx and genocide in Arakan.
Director Shamsul Islam participated in a financial meeting
Inspecting vulnerable area as cyclone signal break out.
Special Envoys on Rohingya Crisis Younus Arman gave an interview regard Rohingya issues
Activist Racvee Bornik stand against plastic use
CEHRDF chief participated in a seminar on the “relation of environment & development “. In photo the participants from Bangladesh & Zambia were in a photosession.
Winter cloth distribution among internally displaced people.
Inspected heritage site at Ramu for promoting eco tourism.
Rohingya peoples suffering by a hazardous flood at the camp area in Cox’s Bazar